Community Service

Community Service


In Oyo state, as common to many other states of the federation, imprisonment is the main punishment for convicted offenders and the main tool for holding criminal suspects pending the determination of their cases. However, given the many problems associated with prison such as overcrowding, communicable diseases, rape etal, Justice Development and Peace Commission proposed community service as a worthy alternative to imprisonment.

Community service is a form of restorative justice where the offender makes compensation for offences committed. This requires that minor, petty or non-serious offenders should not be imprisoned rather; they should be made to give mandatory services to their communities.


The main objective of this project is to improve the efficiency and humaneness of the criminal justice system in Nigeria by establishing community service punishment in Oyo and Ogun states.


• Awareness creation through the media

• Awareness & Enlightenment through workshops and seminars

• Advocacy, lobby and consultative visits to identify stakeholders

• Networking / partnering with various stakeholders.

This is achievable by ensuring that:

  • The government of each target State implements the “Community service punishment for minor offences” initiative with appropriate structures, contents, and processes.
  • The judiciary understands and applies community service sentencing for minor offences.
  •  Aggrieved groups and individuals believe and accept community service punishment as satisfactory justice.
  • Convicted offenders accept community service punishment gratefully.
  • The public is ready to participate in chain-monitoring of community service punishment with enthusiasm.

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